The City of Xanadu…


In its beginning, a cluster of huts around open mine shafts. During the Empire, a walled town exporting ingots down the Slake River. In its heyday, one of the most vast and impressive cities in the world. Built on the wealth of a seemingly bottomless mithral mine, Xanadu boasted three colleges, 14 arcane orders, an oracle, the most skilled metallurgists and smiths in history, and the tallest tower ever built. It was the nexus of an overland and river trade network that brought every imaginable race and luxury to its walls.

Then the war happened. The Oracle foretold of the landing party that would hit the city, and the Duke of Xanadu asked the king for reinforcements. The king hesitated. The Duke rallied his forces and worked to hold off the invaders on his own…

The fighting continued for nearly two years. Reinforcements did come, but not enough, and too slowly. Spells filled the sky, war beasts clawed the gates, the gnomic machines clambered over the walls. The defenders fell back one street at a time, and the siege became an assault on neighbourhoods and villas, each surviving garrison an island amidst the destruction.

Now, peace has come. “Peace.” But there is no reveling in Xanadu. For the city remains a storm of violence, with uncontrolled magicks and monsters rampaging through the streets.

The Duke has put out a call for mercenaries willing to work on spec. Those who help tame the city, drive out the monsters, and recapture the mines will be rewarded with titles, deeds, and prospecting claims.

In a world of sellswords, cutthroats, and ex-soldiers, there are plenty who are foolish enough to venture into the streets and undercity. But how many will make it out again? And how few will make their fortune here?

Give it a try, if you think you’re lucky…

Xanadu Ruined

Raiders of Xanadu